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There are lots of habits that people practice as part of their wellness routines but just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will be all that great for you. Today I’ll use my own example of journaling but this applies to nearly everything (except the basics, think eating your veggies and sleeping enough).

I have read countless blog and Instagram posts where people gush about how much they love to journal and how much good mental space and calm they get out of the experience. So I assumed that a journaling practice would be good for me too. Turns’s not my thing! I have tried it every few months for never sticks...and I never get much out of it...and that is totally fine.

I've got no hard feeling about the fact that journaling just isn't for me. If it works for you that is awesome! I still love practically any notebook I can get my hands on but now I use them for all my "To-Do" lists because those are something that works for me!

Journaling is not my ~thing~ and there is nothing wrong with that. If you love to journal that is amazing too! But the moral of the story here is that not all things work for all people. You have to find the practices that work for you and let go of the ones that don’t. This applies to all the trendy health and wellness practices out there. Pick what works for you and skip the rest, 100% guilt-free. Just don't forget to keep your priorities on what really matters, taking care of yourself the best way you can.

What trendy wellness practice seems very popular and interesting but just doesn't work for you?

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