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New Year, Same Goals?

Why it's so hard to stick to our lofty new year's resolutions and the mindset shift that might help break the cycle.


January 17th is "Quitting Day" - the day most people quit their new year's resolutions and fall back on their old habits.

Many of us know that the first half of January is the busiest time of year at the gym but the crowd often thins out over the course of the month.....the same thing goes for all the new year's resolutions people set. When people don't reach their health-related goals, oftentimes they set nearly the same one (to eat healthier, to exercise more, to stop eating sweets) the following year because they didn't reach it last time.

Do you feel stuck in this cycle of setting the same health-related goal for the new year every year and slowly finding yourself returning to your tried and true routines? You are not alone, and you don't have to stay stuck. Shifting your mindset and getting smart about your resolutions can help break the cycle.


The Mindset Shift - Find your 'WHY'

Start here when you are thinking about your goals for the new year. It is hard to stick with a resolution when you aren't really sure why you set it in the first place. Taking time to cook a healthy dinner or add movement or meditations to your day might start to feel like a chore if you don't have a clear reason why you are doing it. The more your new goal feels like a chore the less likely you are to stick with it for the long run....we need a mindset shift!

Find your WHY. Why do you want to make a `change in your life? What is the end result you are hoping for? Taking time to think through these questions (maybe even writing down the answers) can help bring them to life. Envision what you want your new year to look and feel like. Be specific. Why does your vision include healthy habits? What are they? Once you know why you want to set a goal, and what it is you want as an end result you can get SMART about your goals.

SMART goals - with some FLAIR

Once you have defined why you want to set some health goals for the new year it is time to define and set your resolution. The more specific a vision you can create for yourself the more likely you are to follow through, so it is important that you set goals carefully. Some of you might recognize the phrase 'SMART goals' I am adding some Wellness with Courtney flair and making these goals fit the holistic approach to health that I love so much.

S- Sustainable

Make this goal something you can reasonably see yourself doing for a LONG TIME. Sustainable habits are the ones that stick around as part of your lifestyle for the long run. What does that look like for you?


You spent time 'finding your WHY', now make sure the goal you set is meaningful for you and fits the vision you set for yourself during the mindset phase.


Set your goal in a way that aligns with your lifestyle and your vision for the future. Does this goal have a place in your typical routine? Where does it fit in your lifestyle as it stands right now? It is helping you reach larger goals you have for your future?


While there is a lot of future thinking and meaning in this goal don't forget to make sure it is realistic. People often abandon their goals when they realize they are not is unreasonable to ask your body to suddenly start working out for hours a day if you have not practiced movement regularly before. Be realistic and set yourself up for success with goals that you feel confident you can reach. Maybe this looks like setting a goal to move 15 minutes a day for two weeks. After you have successfully reached that goal.....go bigger with 30 minutes a day (and so on until you feel happy with your routine).


Define your goal and describe how you plan to reach it. A target to shoot for if you will. Targeted, well-defined goals help you find a clear path to success. Get specific with your goal and find where and how it will fit into your life. Make a commitment to your goal by making time and space for it in your life and the vision of your everyday.

Download my workbook for setting smart wellness goals that are aligned with your life!


Crush your new goal

Once you've done the grunt work of shifting your mindset to 'find your WHY' and set SMART goals all that's left to do it get out there and crush your goals. Share about your new habits and ask for support in reaching your goals so you have a community rooting for you on your health journey - return the favor by sending people this blog so they can set their own healthy goals!

Join my email list to get more support as well as tips and tricks to making healthy habits a part of your everyday.

Have a happy and healthy start to the new year everyone.

Thank you so much for supporting Wellness with Courtney!

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