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Meet Courtney

Nutrition Graduate Student

I am a full-time graduate student studying Nutrition with plans to become a registered dietician with a focus on sustainable, practical, and holistic health practices that not only fit your lifestyle but help you feel your best so you can achieve your goals!

Here, I'll give you realistic, practical ways to improve your health.

That means sharing the science behind nutrition and gut health. That means discovering simple self-care and mindfulness practices that you can do for years rather than days. That means finding small green changes that help us and the world live a little bit healthier.


Fun Facts About Me


My favorite place to be is the beach and I love to surf.


I'm obsessed with my houseplants and have fallen in love with learning how to grow my own food.


My favorite foods are fresh fruit (especially raspberries) and local sourdough bread.


When I'm not doing school work you can often find me reading a good book and drinking coffee.


In addition to grad school, I work as an intern, writer, and social media manager.

Fresh Food
Organic Vegetables
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