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Is There Power in Morning Routines?

Research shows that routines are important for setting the tone of a day and helping us achieve our goals. I know from personal experience they are super helpful for staying on track when I have a long list of to-dos each day. Morning routines can help reduce stress, increase productivity, boost confidence, and help you create healthy habits.

Reduce Stress

When you have a set routine to your mornings you know what to expect for your morning. This can reduce stress first thing. When you are calm as you prepare for the rest of your day it sets a relaxed tone that can follow through the rest of the day. Knowing what to expect from your mornings and reducing stress right away, sets the stage for stress resilience and helps you take on the challenges the rest of the day might throw at you. As a bonus, reducing your stress any time of day is good for your physical and mental health.

Increase Productivity

Morning routines can set you up for a successful day. When you regularly complete a routine in the morning you start your day with valuable and productive activities. This feeling of productivity then leaks over into the rest of your day. Starting your day in a realxed and productive headspace means you're not left jumping bewtween tasks later and can improve productivity in a sustainable way.

Boost Confidence

A morning routine can set the stage for confidence. When you accomplish something first thing in the morning the feeling of pride and self-efficacy follows you for the rest of the day. Start your day with a routine to help boost your confidence.

Create Healthy Habits

What is a routine but habits strung together? Add some healthy habits to your morning routine to get a kick start on taking care of yourself so you can feel your best. When you're routine is well developed it becomes automatic and soon those healthy habits you have incorporated are second nature and living a healthy lifestyle is just what you do. Set yourself up for success and start building healthy habits into your morning routine.

How to Start a Morning Routine

Now that you know about a few things morning routine can bring to your life you might be looking for a place to start. Find a routine that works for you by writting out a short schedule of activities you'd like to do starting from the time you wake up. Try out different activities or order to find the best routine for you and remember, it takes time to create habits so don't be too hard on yourself. Make this routine as easy for you to complete as possible by setting youself up for success before the morning begins by planning ahead for potential barriers and finding solutions.

If you need some ideas try adding one of these healthy habits to your routine and see how it makes you feel each day:

Drink water


Cook a healthy breakfast

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