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Gut Health

Gut health is a fun new buzz word in the health and wellness community but why is it so big right now and why does it even matter?

Gut health is having a ~moment~ right now because in the past 10-15 years we have seen a huge explosion in gut health research and specifically the effects of the gut microbiome on practically all aspects of health.

Because of all this new research that is being conducted, we have realized just how important the integrity of our gut is to the rest of our health and how the gut plays an integral part in both our mental and physical wellness.

One thing we have learned in recent years is that your large intestine is home to a huge community of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi that eat all the fiber you can't digest and in turn make some very important molecules for you. This community is called the gut microbiome. Think of the gut microbiome as your second brain because it sends signals to other body systems like your immune system and makes a significant portion of your neurotransmitters which is how your brain (the one in your head) communicates! With that in mind, feeding and caring for your gut microbiome and keeping your gut lining in tip top shape is one of the best ways to keep your whole body running smoothly.

My favorite ways to care for my gut are by eating a wide range of whole foods (especially fruits, veggies, and whole grains) and using dietary supplements that support my digestion and mental health! Current favorites are fall inspired bowls of roasted veggies and some dietary supplements from my favorite company. You can find fiber-filled recipes in the Good Mood Food day of recipes in Freebies and learn more about my favorite supplement company in Gut Health.

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